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6 Homemade Egg Face Packs And Masks For Healthy Skin

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945123_560680937317678_1401967601_nI love homemade face packs! Our kitchen is full of wonderful products that can do wonders to enhance our beauty. Are you pondering upon how to keep skin healthy?
Most of us are aware that Eggs act as an excellent hair pampering product however, they can prove miraculous in Improving our skin tone, Texturing and Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles too. All you have to do is to make some homemade face packs with eggs and pamper your skin.
Here are 6 egg face masks that are completely homemade.Try them and see the results yourselves.
Egg Face Mask 1: Recipe with egg white
Take Egg white and apply it directly on the cleansed face with a cotton ball.
Let it dry for 10 – 15 minutes and rinse off with plain water.
This helps in improving blood circulation and tightens skin.
Egg Face Pack 2: Recipe with egg yolk for dry skin
Take Egg yolk and mix it with one teaspoon of honey.
Mix them well and apply on cleansed face.
Keep it on for 10- 15 minutes and wash off with plain water.
This is very beneficial in providing moisture to dry skin.
Egg Face Pack 3: Recipe with egg white for acne
Take some egg white and mix it well with some fuller’s earth (multani mitti).
Keep mixing until you get equal consistency.
Apply this on the face and let it dry for 15- 20 minutes.
Egg Face Pack 4: Recipe with milk, carrots and egg white
Take some egg white and a small carrot with some milk.
Grate the carrot finely and mix it well with the egg white and milk.
Apply it and let it sit for 15- 20 minutes.
This is a very beneficial anti aging mask for all skin types.
Egg Facial 5: Recipe with Gram flour and lemon for oily skin
Take some gram flour and mix it well with egg white and add few drops of lemon in it.
Apply it for 20 minutes and rinse after that with plain water.
Egg Face Pack 6: Recipe for Fine lines and Wrinkles
Apply egg white and let it dry.
Rinse after 10 minutes followed by an under eye cream or gel.
Repeating this regularly can show great improvement.
Try these amazing homemade face packs with eggs and get that healthy and beautiful skin that you crave for!!

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