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Lawn Collection 2014-2015 for Women by Asim Jofa

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In market and shopping mall the new and stylish collection of lawn launched by the Asim Jofa in 2014-2015. This collection much more expensive as compare to previous one. Every one likes to buy this collection of lawn in summer season.

Asif Jofa Lawn Collection for Women 2014-2015

In this collection the prints are very stylish and unique variety by the Asim Jofa. These types of designs enhance your beauty and look very nice. Asim jofa is one of the best designers in Pakistan he is very intelligent and brilliant he always introduced a very unique collection of dresses and which looks very pretty. When girls wear it they look very beautiful and very attractive looking in front of others.

Lawn By Asif JofaBlack Lawn For Women By Asim JofaAsim Jofa Lawn Collection

The embroidery is very nice in quality. Basically the collection of Asim Jofa introduced in 2010.he also launched a bridal dress and casual dresses which are very beautiful. He always tries to show everything in his collection and the part is added mostly the modern and young girls. In Pakistan different models and celebrities wear the collection of Asim Jofa. Iman Ali is working as a model on behalf of Jofa collection.

Newest Asim Jofa LawnLatest Asim Jofa LawnAsim Jofa Lawn Designs

In Asim jofa collection different type of dresses is including like long shirts and maxi with Shari dare pajamas, frocks etc.Over coat style is also being included in this collection, it looks stylish. As we know that girls always like and choose this type of dresses which looks attractive and the girls are looking nice. Asim Jofa used very bright colours in his collection which looks very beautiful and too much attractive. The collection of Asim jofa is much more expensive every one like to buy it but it is not easy. Different fashion show is also held for the advertisement of this collection. In fashion industry we know that completion always exists between the designers and every designer trying to launch best collect in every season.

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